En este momento estás viendo Exhibition of inventions in Ciego de Avila is planned
Reinaldo Vega López, from Ciego de Avila, is one of those who has contributed the most to the Cuba Solutions Exposition in their respective celebrations. Photo: José Luis Martínez Alejo

Exhibition of inventions in Ciego de Avila is planned

The third annual edition of ExpoAnir Soluciones Cuba, which contributes to local and national socioeconomic development with innovations that can be generalized, is scheduled for the 24th of this month.

The promotion of inventions that can be generalized with a minimum of resources to boost the tasks of economic and social development is one of the objectives of the III Exposición Soluciones Cuba, scheduled for the 24th of this month, in the capital of the province of Ciego de Avila.

Leidy Rivero, president of the Provincial Bureau of the Association of Innovators and Rationalizers (Anir), informed that the event also aims to favor the link with universities and research centers, and to promote the management of innovators with a high degree of knowledge and talent in innovation projects.

The union leader mentioned that the exhibitors will present inventions that have favored the production and commercialization of food, the contribution of new consumer goods, the saving of energy carriers, natural and traditional medicine, and computer applications as tools in business management.

«The Expo Anir Soluciones Cuba will constitute here another incentive for the evaluated and applied inventions to become part of the work systems in each sector, with a view to creatively face economic problems,» Leidy emphasized.

During the event, she recognized the creative work of the more than 136 thousand members belonging to 623 committees, who contribute to the increase of production and quality in the rendering of services in the 10 municipalities of Avila, and gave as an example the contribution of more than 60 million pesos last year, for innovations and rationalizations.

Verania Hernández Peláez, Heroine of Labor; Héctor Vidal Iglesias, Asael Cobas Águila, Aramis Ulloa Ferrer, Rafael Sosa Gómez, Osvaldo Cepero Leyva, Rafael González-Abreu Fernández, Yordanis Terry Pérez and Reinaldo Vega López, winners of the National Award to the Innovator with the Greatest Economic and Social Impact, in their respective annual editions.

Other outstanding labor groups that have won the National Award for Technological Innovation are the Ceballos agroindustrial, high-density polyethylene pipes and fittings (Ciegoplast) and brushes and plastic articles (Cepil) companies.

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