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Environmental management of hotels in Jardines del Rey recognised

Leaders in the implementation of sustainable production and consumption models and circular economy, facilities of the Iberostar Hotels and Resorts hotel chain in the Jardines del Rey tourist destination received recognition from the Territorial Delegation of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment in Ciego de Ávila (DT Citma).

In this way, the Iberostar Daiquirí and Playa Pilar hotels, located in Cayo Guillermo, are confirmed as benchmarks of responsible tourism and at the forefront of the transition process towards a circular economy, in line with the strategy designed in the province, where tourism is ratified as a priority sector with the potential to adopt sustainable production schemes.

During the celebrations for World Environment Day, representatives of both entities expressed their gratitude and their commitment to continue advancing in the development of environmentally friendly tourism, which is also a permanent purpose and requirement of the hotel company to which they belong.

DT Citma recognises the willingness and commitment to replace single-use plastics, to optimise the operation of water purification plants and to make progress in waste management.

Likewise, they replace disposable cups with other biodegradable or durable and reusable materials, and increase the production of purified water to meet the demands of the rooms and gastronomic areas.

In this way, they reduce the costs of purchasing bottled liquid from Empresa Mixta Los Portales S.A. and the use of plastic containers, which could contribute to environmental pollution.

For the collection of rubbish in green and indoor areas, they use durable bins, classified by type of waste, to replace nylon bags, which cause considerable costs and imply a risk of environmental pollution. (Written by Román Romero López)

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