En este momento estás viendo EMBER ratifies itself as a National Vanguard
The collective won in 2023 the venue of the national event for the Food Industry Workers' Day and the Provincial Business Quality Award/Photo; José Luis Martínez Alejo

EMBER ratifies itself as a National Vanguard

The workers of the Company of Beverages and Soft Drinks of Ciego de Avila ratified the status of National Vanguard collective, for the extraordinary and sustained productive results and economic efficiency during the year 2023.

At the flag presentation ceremony, as part of the May Day tribute activities, Leonardo Lorente Zayas, director of the entity, mentioned among the achievements the over-fulfilment of the production plan, the continued implementation of measures to strengthen the socialist state enterprise, the distribution of profits to staff, and the certification of food safety and quality management systems.

Caridad Carrera Martínez, secretary general of the company’s Trade Union Bureau, announced the commitments for the current year, with a view to achieving the sustainability of the relevant merits that made it possible for the company to win the Provincial Award for Business Quality in 2023 and to host the national event on 25 January, Food Industry Workers’ Day.

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