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Electricity Theft Confronted in Ciego de Avila

More than 600 cases of electricity theft have been detected this year in Ciego de Avila, according to a report recently analyzed at the Plenary Session of the Provincial Committee of the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba.

It was learned that this is the highest figure in recent times in relation to the type of fraud by citizens who use as their main mode of action the placement of magnets in the meters, the manipulation of this equipment and the derivation of connections.

Notwithstanding the control actions to prevent and counteract infractions, the potential is around 8 thousand suspicious customers.

Another gap is present in 5 thousand defective meters, which forces Empresa Eléctrica Avileña to calculate and charge for estimates that do not reflect the real consumption, a situation that some consumers take advantage of and do not adopt saving measures.

The document analyzed in the meeting of the unionists of Avila highlights that, in addition to the blackouts, the measures aimed at saving have made it possible to reduce consumption in the provincial territory, where irrigation systems in agricultural areas, electric furnaces and air conditioning equipment that do not protect technological systems, refrigerators and other means were paralyzed during peak hours.

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