En este momento estás viendo Election day in Morón valued as satisfactory

Election day in Morón valued as satisfactory

The development of the election process of the two deputies who will represent the Avilanian territory of Morón, in the National Assembly of People’s Power, ANPP, is described as satisfactory.

Everything happened on Sunday in accordance with the provisions of the Electoral Law, commented Rolando Valle de Posada, vice president of the Municipal Electoral Council, and it is noteworthy that the voting behaved normally, without incidents, and popular enthusiasm and discipline were appreciated throughout the event.

The transportation, food, and communications plans were rigorously complied with, as were each of the reports issued to the different instances, and it is noteworthy that there was good turnout at the polls, he said.

More than 52,500 voters were summoned to exercise their right to vote in accordance with those established in the constitution, and from the moment the polling stations were closed, the process of receiving and processing data began, in what Valle de Posada called a act of transparency and adherence to the truth. (Hector Izquierdo Acuna)

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