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Effective quality management system being promoted

Implementing an effective quality management system aimed at guaranteeing better results while minimizing the entity’s risks and vulnerabilities is one of the main work objectives for the Bio-food Research Center, CIBA, a scientific institution located in the municipality of Morón, in the Avilanian province.

This was made known by the main people responsible for the application of this policy, which is also an organizational and innovation process that has been made known to all workers, and is expected to be implemented in a short period of time in order to improve the scientific-technical activity.

The specialists say that although at the beginning the system will manage all the processes generated at CIBA, the perspectives are broader, since it is intended to integrate it to environmental management and innovation, two of the main aspects that are part of the social responsibility of the center.

Controlling the quality of everything that is done is becoming increasingly important in today’s Cuba to achieve the culture of detail so necessary for the development of the country and the welfare of the population, and so much requested by the highest political and administrative leadership of the largest of the Antilles. (Written by LLamil Ruiz Gonzalez)

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