En este momento estás viendo Educators in Majagua declared Jewels of Ciego de Avila’s Pedagogy (+photos)
Photos: Amador Rodríguez López

Educators in Majagua declared Jewels of Ciego de Avila’s Pedagogy (+photos)

In the presence of directors of the Association of Pedagogues of Cuba, administrative officials, relatives and neighbors, two outstanding educators of the municipality of Majagua were declared Jewels of the Pedagogy of Avila in such a beautiful profession.

The list was composed of the masters Migdalia Pérez Concepción, teacher of the «5 de Septiembre» elementary school of the head town, with more than 50 years dedicated to the formation of several generations of children and Eneida Palacio Griñan, in charge of the extension of the University branch of the locality and teacher of Spanish and Literature.

Both with favorable results in their research work and winners of multiple awards, distinctions and recognitions, in the acts carried out in their respective homes, colleagues, students and the Provincial President of the Association of Cuban Pedagogues in Ciego de Avila, Ariel Beltrán Veliz, highlighted their merits and received effusive applause.

In their speeches, both Migdalia Pérez Concepción and Eneida Palacio Griñan, expressed their healthy pride of being declared Jewels of Avila’s Pedagogy and made public their commitment to generate new contributions to the educational sector with their daily effort and dedication.

In addition, the occasion was an opportunity for Isabel Vizcaino Fernandez, educator of the Special System and Municipal Coordinator of the Association of Pedagogues of Cuba in Majagua, to be the first person from the southwest of Avila to receive the «Award for Dignity» conferred by the National Directorate of the organization, among songs, poems and extraordinary displays of affection.

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