En este momento estás viendo Duty and right of the people of Ciego de Ávila to elect their deputies

Duty and right of the people of Ciego de Ávila to elect their deputies

The mere nomination of candidate for deputy of the National Assembly of People’s Power constitutes pride for each one of the 23 Avilanians who currently have that status.

Accumulated merits in the various labor and social activities carried out by each of them, have led them to this candidacy and on March 26 they can be ratified, according to the vote of the population.

Once a member of the Cuban parliament, the responsibility is greater because in the highest level of government they will have a voice and a vote to define the main issues of the country.

Each corner of the province of Ciego de Ávila is represented in the parliament to find solutions to their problems, based on their knowledge.

And for that purpose, the deputies will continue to visit communities, work and study centers and every place where the people of Ciego de Ávila need to express disagreements and provide solutions.

The parliamentarians of the province are the representatives of the citizens and intermediaries of these before the direction of the country, in addition, responsible for knowing the dynamics of the entire Avilanian territory and its most vulnerable points in the economic and social spheres.

So it is necessary for the population to assume the responsibility and duty of attending the polls at the electoral colleges on March 26, to make effective their right to approve their deputies.

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