En este momento estás viendo D’Morón Teatro, a company attached to the community

D’Morón Teatro, a company attached to the community

The D’Morón Teatro company is characterized by its consolidated community work and careful work in defense of culture and national identity.

The group is well known among the public for being a faithful representative of street theater with its living statues, the adaptation of classics of universal literature, the work with children and young people and bringing to the stage passages of the current reality of the nation.

With a very creative work, using clay as make-up and exceptional scenographic elements, D’Morón Teatro makes culture grow by combining community work with theater, children’s clubs and pedagogical art education.

The effort and unity among its members has made it possible for them to have their own stage, by rescuing from the ruins the building of the Reguero Theater in the city of Morón.

Their repertoire includes classic plays such as El pequeño príncipe, Medea de barro, Troya, Cecilia, el ángel de barro, La calle de Federico, among others.

Uno, dos y tres, que paso más chévere, Gente de Barrio, El monte calvo, Chivo que rompe tambó and Los herederos del tiempo, among others, are part of the showcase of the ensemble, which includes some thirty actors, actresses, technicians and support personnel.

Divertimento callejero, is a show that gathers the most important moments of the company, in which they show their creation of aesthetics with the use of stilts, the statue and the work with clowns.

D’Morón Teatro has performed in the most intricate places of the province of Avileña and in different states of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, as a proposal of Cuban street theater, but has also shown its cultural work in other territories of the country in different events.

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