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Distribution and sale of liquefied gas organized in Ciego de Ávila

Given the complex panorama existing with the entry and availability of fuels in Cuba, the Directorate of the Marketing Company of these products in Ciego de Ávila implements organizational measures for the distribution and sale of liquefied gas.

Cilayla Rosa Hernández Suárez, director of that entity, reported that numbered auditable books were located at the points of sale for customer settlement once the 26-day cycle established for the purchase had expired.

She specified that, in the case of couriers, the so-called «balitas» will be collected, a strategy that enables greater availability of filling taking into account the limitation of cylinders in the Avilanian territory.

From eight in the morning to 12 noon, people can go to the points of sale with their card to register and receive their number. «These measures seek to achieve greater organization and avoid the inconvenience of queues,» she said.

She said that, prior to the sale, the amount existing in each site will be reported through the press, and in the institutional profiles of the Ciego de Ávila UEB Territorial Division of Fuel Marketing on the Facebook social network and on the Telegram messaging platform.

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