En este momento estás viendo Dinosaur Mini-Story Contest announced

Dinosaur Mini-Story Contest announced

In the framework of its 24th anniversary, the Literary Training Center Onelio Jorge Cardoso called for the 14th edition of the Mini-Story Contest «El dinosaurio», for writers over 18 years of age.

Through its social networks, the institution announced that the contest will include two categories: prize and microsaurio.

In the case of the prize section, it was specified that it will be open to writers living in Cuba, who can compete with a single mini-story, unpublished, that is not subject to editorial commitment in the national territory or abroad, or competing in another contest.

It was also informed that the work should be submitted in Word format, should not exceed 20 lines, should be written in Arial 12-point font, double-spaced, and should be identified with a slogan or pseudonym.

The Onelio Center highlighted on its social media platforms that in a separate document the author’s data (full name, ID card number, home address, telephone, email) and resume will be attached.

The works will be received through the e-mail address concursos.centronelio@gmail.com, with the subject CONCURSO DINOSAURIO.

The deadline for the admission of works is December 19, 2022 and all submissions will be acknowledged within five working days, according to the Center’s announcement.

About the microsaurio category, it was indicated that it promotes participation and creative writing on social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram, from any country and with any nationality.

According to information from the Onelio Center, the rules to participate in this section consist of submitting a microtext, unpublished, not exceeding 160 characters with spaces.

It must be published in the personal Facebook or Instagram profile along with a selfie with a book or photo of their favorite author, which will be accompanied with the hashtag #Dinosaurio14, the announcement said.

The 10 microsaurs with the most reactions and positive comments will be evaluated by the jury for inclusion in the anthology of this edition of the contest and the best of the selection will be recognized.

Finally, the Onelio Center explained that the awarding of the Dinosaur Mini-Story Contest will take place in the framework of the 31st Havana International Book Fair, corresponding to 2023.

The academic and cultural institution highlighted that the winning, finalist and distinguished mini stories will appear in the Anthology of Mini-Stories El dinosaurio 2022, which will be published in digital version and will be distributed free of charge.

The El dinosaurio Mini-Story Contest, which has been held since 2002, is inspired by the short story of the same name by writer Augusto Monterroso and stimulates literary creation in this genre.

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