En este momento estás viendo Demand in Georgia to remove Cuba from arbitrary US list

Demand in Georgia to remove Cuba from arbitrary US list

The Georgia-Cuba Friendship Association firmly rejected the inclusion of the Caribbean nation in the unilateral list, drawn up by the United States, of countries that sponsor terrorism, the Cuban ambassador to the Caucasian country, Carlos Valdés, informed today.

The diplomat told Prensa Latina on Friday that the friends of solidarity of Georgia handed him a document signed by the president of the aforementioned Friendship Association, Pavle Jibuti, which describes the creation of this list as a selective mechanism of the United States against progressive countries.

Including Cuba on this list violates the principles of the United Nations Charter, causing serious violations of human rights and the prosperity of the Cuban people, says the document addressed to the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples and the embassy of the largest of the Antilles in the Caucasian country.

Further on, the text states that such actions constitute a dangerous act of interference and are aimed at destabilising the internal order of the brotherly people of Cuba.

Cuba does not sponsor terrorism, but has been a victim of this scourge in the development of its revolutionary history, what is happening is illegal and dishonest, adds the note of the Georgian friendship association.

Valdés added that the letter demands that the President of the United States, Joe Biden, take the decision to remove Cuba from this spurious list, and that the Georgian Friendship Association with the island once again calls for an end to the genocidal blockade against the sister Caribbean nation.

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