En este momento estás viendo Debates continue in Cuba’s Parliamentary Standing Committees
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Debates continue in Cuba’s Parliamentary Standing Committees

The deputies of the National Assembly of the People’s Power of Cuba (Parliament) will continue today the debate in Permanent Working Commissions (CPT), prior to tomorrow’s beginning of the second session of the legislative body.

According to Tuesday’s agenda, accessed by Prensa Latina, the head of the Food Industry, Manuel Sobrino, will explain the effectiveness of measures to counteract crime, corruption and illegalities in that sector.

In that same commission -the agri-food one-, they will also discuss the preparations and projections for the 2023-2024 sugar harvest, as well as the prospects for the sector’s recovery.

On the other hand, on another stage of the Convention Palace, the Commission for Attention to Children, Adolescents and Youth will analyze the implementation of the project that attends to people at risk in these age groups.

This CPT, which is part of the government’s Human Development, Equity and Social Justice macro-program, will also evaluate the main indicators of the Behavioral Schools and Homes for Children without Family Care.

In the Health and Sports Commission, there are plans to exchange criteria on the improvement of the activities of the Comunales, the collection of solid waste and necrological services.

Meanwhile, the members of this working group will verify the results of the implementation of the sports and physical education project, among other topics.

The strategies of the Ministries of Education and Higher Education for the prevention and confrontation of drug consumption at school age will occupy part of the working day of the Constitutional and Legal Affairs Commission.

This instance plans to analyze a wide range of topics, among them: the report of the state bodies for the fight against crimes, social indiscipline and corruption in their fields of action.

On the second and last day of work of the CPTs, aspects of their internal functioning and the legislative schedule for the coming year will be reviewed in each case.

From tomorrow, Wednesday, until next Friday, the Second Session of the X Legislature of the National Assembly will take place in the same scenario of events.

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