En este momento estás viendo Ciego de Ávila will graduate more teachers
New graduates of the Raúl Corrales Pedagogical School. Photo taken from the facebook profile of Elisa Veliz, director of the center

Ciego de Ávila will graduate more teachers

On November 17 and 18, Ciego de Ávila will graduate 410 teachers from the Rafael Morales Pedagogical School in Morón, the Raúl Corrales Pedagogical School and the Armando Mestre Polytechnic Institute, both in the capital city, the largest number of graduates of its kind in the province since the opening of these centers in the territory.

Dr. Sulay Monzón García, head of the Department of Pedagogical Formation, Improvement and Scientific Activity in the province, informed that 235 of the graduates will join the classrooms and the University, while 175 boys will fulfill the Military Service and they also expect the release from this task of another 176 boys who will be part of the teaching staff.

The leader added that for the first time, students of the Arts manifestations, such as Visual-Theatrical and Musical-Dance for Basic Secondary School will finish their studies, who together with those of the Early Childhood, Primary and Special Education levels will contribute to the strengthening of the educational teaching process.

To date, the enrollment plan for the next school year is at 80.1 percent, a figure higher than the previous period, which may increase during the last month of the year.

The favorable results of the pedagogical training in the province are due to the increase in school retention, which does not meet expectations, but has a group committed to continue improving the conditions of the centers, so that those who enter successfully complete their studies.

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