En este momento estás viendo Cultural values exalted in Ciro Redondo
Eddy Naranjo León is recognized for his relevant contributions to culture and pedagogy in Ciego de Ávila. Photo: Courtesy of the Municipal Directorate of Culture in Ciro Redondo.

Cultural values exalted in Ciro Redondo

The week of culture began in the municipality of Ciro Redondo with the exaltation of the most autochthonous values represented by its human resources, paying tribute to Eddy Naranjo León, writer, jewel of Avilanian pedagogy and vice president of the Provincial Branch of the José Martí Cultural Society, a personality to whom the celebration of the local celebration of art and literature is dedicated.

The representatives of the basic institutions of the sector were also recognized, especially Marisela Rodríguez Pérez and Mercedes Solís Martínez, founders of the Municipal Museum, and María Isabel Armas Véliz, from the Olga Alonso Library.

Among the activities of the opening day were the traditional local history event Abel Amorín Veloso, the presentation of the municipal concert band, the performance of the theater group Guiñol Polichinela and a concert by Dayany Gutiérrez and La Pegada.

For the second date this Friday, the awards ceremony of the children’s contest El Disfraz y tu Poesía (The Disguise and your Poetry), an initiative of the municipal library collective, and the presentation of books by historian Eumelio Marín and museologist and writer Nelson Roque Pereira are scheduled.

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