En este momento estás viendo Cuban Revolution saluted and blockade condemned in Chile

Cuban Revolution saluted and blockade condemned in Chile

Chilean communist leaders saluted today the 64th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution and condemned the blockade maintained by the United States against the Caribbean country for more than six decades.

In declarations to Prensa Latina, the secretary general of the Communist Party of Chile (PCCh), Lautaro Carmona, expressed his recognition to Cuba, small in territory, but capable of showing its greatness motivated by the noblest causes.

He also highlighted the significance of the Cuban Revolution for the entire region and its contribution to the struggle of the Chilean people and other third world countries.

The CCP leader condemned the economic, commercial and financial blockade maintained by the United States against the island for more than six decades, despite the fact that year after year the UN General Assembly condemns that criminal policy.

«The Cuban Revolution is clearly an inspiration and an example to follow,» said the president of the Communist Youth of Chile, Daniela Serrano.

Serrano said that today, in the current Latin American context, her organization continues to raise the banners of Cuba and brotherhood among peoples.

The CCP sent a message to the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and president of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel, on the occasion of the victory of January 1, 1959.

Cuba, 90 miles from the United States, established the first socialist revolution in Latin America, after defeating the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, and handed over the destiny of the country to the popular masses, led by Commander Fidel Castro, to whom we also pay tribute, the letter states.

The text recalls the Agrarian Reform, the nationalization of foreign companies, literacy and the development of education, health and science in the Caribbean nation, which has allowed it to be the only country in the region to develop its own vaccines against COVID-19 and to share its achievements with other peoples.

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