En este momento estás viendo Cuba thanks the world for its solidarity against the U.S. blockade

Cuba thanks the world for its solidarity against the U.S. blockade

The Secretary of the National Assembly and the Cuban Council of State, Homero Acosta, thanked today in the European Parliament for the world support against the U.S. blockade, a policy that will be denounced and judged in an international court.

In a session of explanations before the installation of the tribunal, the deputy expressed a particular recognition to the organizers of the two-day meeting in the European Parliament, convened by MEPs and political, solidarity, trade union, and jurist associations from Europe and the United States.

Just a few days ago, the UN General Assembly demanded for the thirty-first time the lifting of the blockade, with the support of 187 countries and the isolation of Washington, he pointed out.

According to Acosta, beyond political colors, the condemnation of the blockade is a question of defending International Law and universal justice and ethics.

In his speech in the preamble to the beginning of the tribunal sessions, the leader denounced before the approximately 200 people present in the room that the siege imposed by the United States affects all sectors of Cuban society, including the most sensitive ones, among them education, health, and food.

Despite the worldwide rejection, Washington ignores it, and maintains and intensifies its criminal blockade, he warned.

In this regard, he mentioned the inclusion of Cuba in the unilateral U.S. list of countries sponsoring terrorism, which aggravates the damage caused by its aggressiveness.

The island’s ambassador to Belgium and the European Union, Yaira Jimenez, also thanked the initiative to hold the international tribunal in the European Parliament and highlighted the efforts made in recent months to make it possible, with the support of MEPs from several countries and political forces.

Today is a special day to denounce a cruel and genocidal blockade, she said.

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