En este momento estás viendo Cuba strengthens cyberspace in the midst of digital transformation

Cuba strengthens cyberspace in the midst of digital transformation

Cuba today implements a series of actions to strengthen the national cyberspace amid the growth of mobile telephony, Internet, and digital transformation.

«Cuban networks are impacted daily by thousands of malicious programs and denial of service attacks, known as DoS/DDoS, which generate a good amount of requests for access to a server so that they collapse their processing possibilities,» underlines Granma newspaper.

These attacks affected several government websites and press media, and some of them were aimed at taking control of their databases to obtain valuable information.

The cyber-attacks against the largest of the Antilles are also aimed at deconfiguring certain sites and hanging signs against the revolutionary process.

They try to damage the image of the country and exert political influence on the population, and something notorious is the level of coordination and organization of the attacks to distort the Cuban reality.

The newspaper recalls that the U.S. State Department created, on February 7, 2018, an Internet Task Force for Cuba.

The same serves as a base to fabricate false information, which is often replicated by powerful media outlets, whose agenda coincides with the policy of the North American country against the Caribbean nation.

Cuba seeks to promote the creation of entities in the field of information security, train specialists, and constantly monitor and analyze cyber-attacks, taking into account that new forms of cyber-attacks are appearing.

It is vital – Granma points out – to evaluate the existing vulnerabilities in the network and those of the users who receive the services.

At the same time, creating a culture in the population for the safe and responsible use of information and communication technologies is another way to strengthen national cybersecurity.

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