En este momento estás viendo The number of Palestinians killed in Gaza now exceeds 18,200

The number of Palestinians killed in Gaza now exceeds 18,200

The Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip has already caused the death of more than 18,200 people, in the midst of enormous efforts by the international community to stop the massacre, official sources in this city emphasize today.

The Gaza Ministry of Health informed that the number of fatalities caused by the war has already reached 18,205, and 49,645 wounded, since October 7.

Even so, this figure is actually much higher, it was said, due to the number of bodies that remain under the rubble.

The source added that the health situation in the hospitals in southern Gaza is catastrophic and there are no means to cope with the enormous number of wounded with a total lack of therapeutic and clinical capabilities.

The Gaza Health Ministry also denounced today that Israeli troops stormed the Kamal Aduan hospital in the north of the Palestinian enclave and called on the United Nations (UN) to take measures to protect those inside.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian resistance reported that it managed to repel the advance of Israeli forces in the Jabalia area, amid heavy fighting that caused casualties among the ranks of the Zionist army, after attacking a special force entrenched in a building.

For their part, Israeli troops intensified their military operations against the south of the Palestinian enclave during the last days, especially against the city of Khan Yunis, in the south of the Strip, where they bombed the surroundings of the Nasser Hospital.

Meanwhile, the northern town of Jabalia, which hosts the largest refugee camp in Gaza, also came under fire.

Also in the south, in the city of Rafah, 12 people were killed, including six children, when a house in the Zuhur neighborhood was shelled.

Political observers note today that Israel and the United States are increasingly isolated in the face of international pressure for a cease-fire in Gaza, including a non-binding vote expected to go ahead at the United Nations on Tuesday afternoon.

Finally, an investigation by the U.S. Washington Post confirmed that the Israeli military used white phosphorus in its attacks on southern Lebanon, a substance banned by the Geneva Convention.

The source reports that its reporters found the remains of three 155-millimeter artillery shells fired in Dheira, southern Lebanon, near the Israeli border, which incinerated at least four houses.

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