En este momento estás viendo Cuba remembers the murder of young people in Tarará 32 years ago

Cuba remembers the murder of young people in Tarará 32 years ago

Cuba remembers today the murder, 32 years ago, of four young combatants who were defending the coasts of the Caribbean nation, an event known as the Tarará crime.

On this date in 1992, a group of criminals attacked the nautical base of that urbanization in eastern Havana, with the purpose of stealing a boat and fleeing to the United States.

The aggression resulted in the murder of combatants Orosmán Dueñas (20 years old), Rafael Guevara (30), Yuri Gómez (19), while Rolando Pérez Quintosa (23) was seriously wounded.

The last two were agents of the National Revolutionary Police, who had come to the aid of the guards of the nautical base, previously wounded and gagged by the assailants.

The purpose of the seven assailants was to steal a boat to reach the United States and take advantage of the Cuban Adjustment Act, but the escape was thwarted.

The survivor’s statements and the coordinated action of law enforcement and the public led to the identification and capture of the perpetrators, who were brought to trial.

For 37 days Pérez Quintosa, 23, fought for his life, but with four shots in his abdomen he died on February 16, despite medical efforts.

The crime shocked the country, which remembers the murder of the four young men as one of the most atrocious committed in Cuba, encouraged by the hostile policy of the United States against the Revolution.

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