En este momento estás viendo Cuba accelerates to win in U-20 CONCACAF Soccer Championship
Photo: Courtesy of AFC

Cuba accelerates to win in U-20 CONCACAF Soccer Championship

Despite not getting a big score, adjusted to the difference with the British Virgin Islands, they obtained the three points that keep them in with a chance of qualifying.

Cuba had to press the accelerator to beat the British Virgin Islands in its second match of the CONCACAF U-20 Football Championship 2024, a qualifier for the World Cup of the discipline.

After a historic win over Anguilla, another heavy scoreline was expected, which threatened to materialize after Karel Perez scored in the 14th minute, when he found a loose ball inside the area.

The captain, coming from the defense, celebrated a goal for the second consecutive match, waiting for the forwards to finish the chances created.

The lack of accuracy was penalized with a goal by Azarni Callwood at 30′ in a mistake on the right flank, a few minutes after the forced departure of Elvis Casanova from Villaclare, who shows defensive solidity in that position.

The goal of the rivals would not have weighed so much if it were not for the fact that Cuba wasted opportunities one after another until accumulating 20 shots on goal, compared to only 7 by The Nature Boyz, and another 6 disallowed for offside.

The difference on the field was not noticeable and the tie persisted with the passage of the first quarter of an hour of the second half, then the coach moved the pieces: he changed the entire front line and made adjustments to the midfield.

The changes paid off in the 67′, when Samuel Rodríguez capitalized on a penalty kick in favor of the Cubans and the scoreboard remained unchanged at 2-1.

Even though they did not get a big score to match the difference with their opponents, they managed to finish with the three points that keep them in with a chance of qualifying.

The next game for the Cubans will be against Belize on the 29th, and they will have to regain their confidence, especially in the opponent’s area, to better face the Nicaraguan team, against whom they should discuss the ticket to the next phase.

For the time being, they have a goal difference of +14 that keeps them at the top of the group, but Nicaragua could reverse that advantage after their match against Anguilla.

That would require winning every game, because no one can forget that it is not the team that scores the most goals that goes through, but the one that gets the most points.

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