En este momento estás viendo Communal workers celebrate their day in Ciego de Ávila
The best workers and units were recognized/Photos: Odania García Heredia

Communal workers celebrate their day in Ciego de Ávila

With the imperative to continue working in environmental hygiene, the workers of the Community Services celebrated today the day of the workers of this sector in the country.

In the act, which was held at the fairgrounds of the city park, tribute was paid to Faustino Pérez, distinguished leader on the 103rd anniversary of his birth.

At the meeting, the Enrique Hart Dávalos distinction was delivered to women and men with more than 20 and 25 uninterrupted years in the sector.

The moment was propitious to recognize Pedro Carmona Ledon, Yuniseikys Vega García, Carlos González López, Lilisvet Torres Castañón, Orestes Piñeiro Guevara and Danilo Meneses Echemendía, outstanding workers during 2022.

The city park brigade, belonging to Base Business Unit # 5, training and gardens, and the green areas brigade of Unit # 3 Construction, all from the Comcavila company, also received recognition.

In the act chaired by Annia Francisco Malte, vice governor of Ciego de Ávila, they received the certificate that accredits them as the best units in the municipalities of Florencia, Baraguá and Primero de Enero.

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