En este momento estás viendo Colourful celebration of the 43rd anniversary of the Rayitos de Sol Circus
Photo: Radio Morón

Colourful celebration of the 43rd anniversary of the Rayitos de Sol Circus

With a lucid artistic activity that reflected the dreams and fantasies of a story that reached its 43rd anniversary on 19 May, the birthday of the Rayitos de Sol Children’s Circus was celebrated in the city of Morón.

The festivity took place in the premises of the San Carlos Theatre, a facility that was rehabilitated after a long period of being paralysed due to construction problems, and which will henceforth serve as the headquarters of the Children’s Youth Circus, the pride of the city.

The show featured impressive circus performances, the result of the professional dedication of Juan Alberto Iglesias, which showed the skills of children, adolescents and young people acquired over the years in various manifestations, such as acrobatics, juggling, balance, spinning rings and other expressions, as well as the presence of clowns from the D’ Morón Teatro Company who added a note of entertainment to the celebration.

On behalf of the Municipal Committee of the Party and the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power, a special recognition was presented to the Rayitos de Sol Circus by Benito Martínez Ausina and Celia María López Reyes, first secretary of the Party in Morón and President of the Municipal Assembly, respectively.

Other organisations, such as Culture, Casa de la Cultura, among others, presented awards for the 43 years of Rayitos de Sol.

The show was closed by a dance group from the Seminternado Ignacio Agramonte and a performance by members of the Haillon Circus. (Written by Leonel Iparraguirre González)

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