En este momento estás viendo Colombian authorities take stance on baseball leadership
Photo: Calixto N. Llanes

Colombian authorities take stance on baseball leadership

In view of the upcoming Intercontinental Professional Baseball Series in Barranquilla 2024, they exclusively and legitimately recognize the Cuban Baseball and Softball Federation.

The Colombian Ministry of Sports and the Colombian Olympic Committee have today set positions on the upcoming Barranquilla 2024 Intercontinental Professional Baseball Series.

Due to its importance, JIT reproduces the content of the communiqué issued.


The Ministry of Sport, as the highest body of Colombian sport, as provided by Law 181 of 1995 and Decree Law 1228 of 1995; and the Colombian Olympic Committee (COC), as the highest governing body of associated sport, hereby inform the public of the following:

The Intercontinental Series of Professional Baseball, organized in the city of Barranquilla starting January 26, 2024, by Team Renteria USA, is a private and invitational event.

That is to say, it is not organized by the Colombian Baseball Federation, nor is it part of the events of the calendar of the World Baseball and Softball Confederation, the only organization endorsed by the International Olympic Committee.

Likewise, we would like to inform that the organizers of the Team Rentería USA event submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Sports for the financing of this event, which was not feasible, noting that the co-financing projects must be submitted by the national sports federations, which did not occur on this occasion.

Therefore, we inform that this event does not count, to date, neither with funding from the Ministry of Sport, nor with the endorsement of the COC, nor of the Colombian Baseball Federation, reiterating that, for the realization of this event, the requirements established in the Colombian sports legislation in force must be complied with.

In addition to the above, the Ministry of Sports and the COC reject the actions and manifestations of the Cuban Professional Baseball Federation -FEPCUBE-, which intends to use the name, representation and patriotic symbols of the Republic of Cuba, without the respective authorization of the competent body of the country of origin and without having the recognition of the Colombian government or the sports authorities of our country.

The use of these symbols would be interpreted as a clear infringement of the constitutional and sports rights of the Republic of Cuba.

Therefore, the Colombian government, represented by the Ministry of Sports, as well as the Colombian Olympic Committee recognize in an exclusive and legitimate manner the Cuban Baseball and Softball Federation.

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