En este momento estás viendo Civil Registry in Majagua responds to the collective population needs
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Civil Registry in Majagua responds to the collective population needs

The issuance of more than 5,500 certifications of all kinds, hundreds of marginal notes for reasons of weddings, births or deaths, and the formalization of 82 marriages are among the services provided by the Majagua Civil Registry.

Also so far this year this group from the Ministry of Justice worked, among other tasks, on 346 corrected documents, on the registration of the 91 deceased that the municipality registered at the stage and, in coordination with specialists from the Ministry of Agriculture, carried out the procedures for land inheritance.

In statements to the press, Danaysi Mayor Lamot, Director of Justice in the avilanian southwest, acknowledged the support received by the Youth Club groups, regarding the requests they make and their effectiveness in achieving, in 24 hours, that people receive on their mobile devices the document they need to have.

Regarding the delivery of shifts by phone, the specialist described it as positive, because this avoids the crowding of clients and intermediaries at the institution’s headquarters, currently attended by only two workers because there is an assistant of certificate, to which she added that those who have lawyer services from the collective firm have the space that their need demands.

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