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Tourists admire features of Jardines del Rey destination

The Jardines del Rey tourist destination in Avila, located to the north of Morón, stands out this season for the conservation and beauty of its natural values, the increase in its hotel facilities and extra-hotel options, an object of admiration for the flow of foreign tourists who visit this place of sun and beach.

Scattered around the picturesque Coco, Guillermo and Paredón Grande keys, there are some 13,000 rooms in 26 hotel facilities, with services of the highest quality.


The Jardines del Rey destination stands out for its healthy tourism, with interesting cultural offers that promote the national culture and traditions that are welcoming to visitors.

Jardines del Rey, shows a growth in the number of visitors compared to the previous year, with a renewed image and new projections for a greater reach (By Leonel Iparraguirre González).

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