En este momento estás viendo Ciego de Ávila to start handing over idle lands in usufruct
Photo: Radio Reloj

Ciego de Ávila to start handing over idle lands in usufruct

The top management of the Ministry of Agriculture in Ciego de Ávila announced a promotional campaign, with the aim of clarifying in the town the guidelines to be followed for those who request idle land in usufruct.

The document states that any natural or legal person interested can go to the MINAGRI Land Control Office in their respective territories and present a five peso stamp to begin the process.

The directors of the organism in the province explained that, if the plots requested are not in the municipal Delegate’s fund, the Delegate is informed so that he/she can take the corresponding steps and thus be able to review with the company that manages the land, to finally communicate the result of the request.

The purpose of the acquisition must respond to the purpose of planting various crops, fruit trees, rice, sugar cane, coffee, tobacco, raising large or small livestock, pigs and animal feed.

Among the established requirements, the land must be uncultivated and full of weeds, the person can be a usufructuary with the purpose of increasing the amount of their fields, as well as having full knowledge that the land will be tilled for tasks that respond to the Food Sovereignty program demanded by the country.

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