En este momento estás viendo Activities begin in Majagua for Cuban Firefighter’s Day

Activities begin in Majagua for Cuban Firefighter’s Day

The holding of an educational talk and a simulation of a burning building marked the beginning in the municipality of Majagua of the activities for the Cuban Firefighter’s Day, a date that is celebrated every November 13.

The program directed by the Security and Protection Directorate of the Governing Body and the Association of Volunteer Firefighters of the territory, whose objective was training so that residents know how to deal with the occurrence of accidents, was based in the areas of the ESBU Simón Reyes Hernández from the main town.

Both the assimilation of the guidelines regarding what to do when a phenomenon of this type occurs, and the development of the practical exercise were described as satisfactory, which led to both students, teachers and administrators being creditors of the congratulations of the team work at the forefront of the task.

Hilario León García, president of the Cuban Volunteer Firefighters Association in the Avilanian southwest, specified that, until the second decade of November, similar activities would be carried out in other educational institutions, including children’s care centers, both in the town of Majagua and Orlando González.

Furthermore, regarding the date that is celebrated every year in memory of November 13, 1696 in the old province of Las Villas where the first Fire Department in Cuba emerged, León García added, there will be an exhibition and will be dedicated to familiarizing students with the functions of firefighters and rescue teams.

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