En este momento estás viendo Chilean senator: it is nonsense to include Cuba in terrorist list

Chilean senator: it is nonsense to include Cuba in terrorist list

Chilean Senator Daniel Núñez rejected the decision of the United States to maintain Cuba on the list of alleged sponsors of terrorism and condemned the genocide committed today by Israel against the Palestinian people.

It is absolute nonsense that Cuba is facing sanctions, aggravated by the inclusion in the list of countries accused of promoting terrorism, something that has no logic whatsoever, Núñez declared to Prensa Latina.

Cuba has been under the U.S. blockade for more than 60 years and the permanence on that list creates additional obstacles to the acquisition of food and medicines, in addition to the fact that financial institutions, companies, and investors are hesitant when it comes to dealing with the country.

The parliamentarian of the Communist Party of Chile recalled the enormous contribution of the Cuban Revolution to the peoples of Latin America and its attitude of solidarity, manifested day by day when they suffered earthquakes, hurricanes, and other calamities.

On the other hand, hundreds of young Chileans were trained as doctors at the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM).

Núñez also referred to the extermination, the genocide of a people, committed today by Israel in occupied Palestine.

What is happening in Gaza and the West Bank is a pain that removes the foundations of the essence of humanity, he denounced.

He affirmed that the images disseminated today through social networks show the massacre perpetrated there, something not seen since the world wars.

«One is outraged that the international community does not react more strongly. One would expect the United Nations, the Security Council to take concrete attitudes,» he said.

The senator highly valued the South African government’s decision to file a complaint before the International Criminal Court against Israel for genocide against a people.

«This is a concrete measure that allows us to denounce to the world what is happening and also to try as soon as possible to put an end to the occupation and the bombing of Palestine,» he said.

Almost three months of Israeli attacks against the Gaza Strip have caused the death of more than 22,000 people and injured 57,000, while almost two million have had to leave their homes and residents are suffering shortages of water, food, medicine, electricity, and fuel.

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