Chambas Popular Councils carry out commemorative acts for May Day


With events in the Ranchuelos and El Asiento Popular Councils, the community-wide celebrations of May Day began in Chambas, the date that marks International Workers’ Day.

Zoila Rosa Torres Robledo, member of the municipal secretariat of the CTC, informed that on Thursday, April 27, it will correspond to the town of Máximo Gómez, while next Friday a similar celebration is planned in the Popular Council of Enrique Varona. Subsequently, it will correspond to the towns of Mabuya and Palma.

In this way, everything will be ready for the parade and popular act of May Day in the demarcation of Chambas. According to Torres Robledo’s details, the concentration will begin at 6:30 in the morning of the coming Monday in front of the Casita Criolla. From there the march will go to the Youth Track, which will be led by 170 representatives of the new generations.

In the tributes for the International Day of the Proletariat, the development of agricultural fairs and recreational activities has also been conceived.

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