En este momento estás viendo Central Bank of Cuba establishes strategy to facilitate bank services to the population

Central Bank of Cuba establishes strategy to facilitate bank services to the population

The increase from one thousand to 5 thousand pesos (CUP) for the Extra Fund is one of the strategies of the Central Bank of Cuba, to facilitate banking services, as met at a press conference offered by manager of this sector in Ciego de Ávila.

Noraida González Melor, director of the Popular Savings Bank (BPA) in the province, said that there are 104 grocery stores, 11 units of CUPET and three gastronomic units linked to the Extra Fund, an option that brings the service to the community.

The head of the BPA in the territory explained that in the first days of the month of May there were difficulties with the availability of cash at the ATMs given by the kind of the bills. »When the denomination is low, the cash is exhausted faster, and the qualification of them is required several times a day.

Given the question if there are limitations in cash extraction, González Mellor, said that according to the current resolution up to 80 thousand (CUP) daily and 120 thousand per month can be extracted. In the event that the holder wishes to extract major cash, he must go to the bank and make his request.

For his part, Rolando Corbea Sánchez, director of the Bank of Credit and Commerce (Bandec) adds that this branch assumes more than 70 percent of the payment of salary to organisms, and that as a strategy it was also implemented that when there is no cash at the ATMs the ATMs the People can go to the bank.

It is necessary that the population knows that in addition to the ATMs in the CADECA unit they can also extract effective from their magnetic cards. He said that there is an improvement at least in the head municipality, but not in Morón where difficulties still persist.

«In the province there are 22 ATMs, two of them located in the North cays area, which is insufficient for the number of cards circulating in the province, hence the need to enhance the banking and use of the different payment channels.

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