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Car repair prioritized in railway workshops

Given the shortage of spare parts, accessories and equipment to carry out repair and maintenance actions, the railway sector is seriously affected in the municipality of Morón in Ciego de Ávila, according to Tania Estrella González Sosa, representative of the Union of Cuban Railways in the territory.

Currently, the situation with cars to maintain the adequate circulation of passenger trains constitutes a great problem – the directive added- and gave the route to Camagüey as a significant example, an issue that occupies and worries everyone.

We are looking for alternatives with a group of prioritized resources to start up the Morón-Camagüey train this month, and although work is progressing for such purposes, it is necessary to point out that certain protection parameters are required, she added.

Completing the cars and recovering the route constitutes the purpose of the workers of the Morón railway workshops, for which they work tirelessly and without qualms, confirmed González Sosa. (Written by Katherine Ruiz Robaina)

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