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Candidates for deputies for Morón in contact with the people

The candidates for deputies for the Avilanian municipality of Morón, Mayelín Luís Pérez and Arnaldo Rodríguez Romero, continued this week the exchanges in labor and student centers, as well as in other places of economic and social interest in the territory, always entertained by workers, students and town in general.

His tour included, among other centers, the Roberto Rodríguez general teaching hospital, the Urban Pre-University Institute of the same name, the La Fuente restaurant and the Haydée Santamaría Cuadrado House of Culture.

During these days, they visited the El Vaquerito Military Construction Unit, where they exchanged with workers and leaders of that distinguished entity of the sector in the territory, and were interested in the main works that they undertake and toured the Camilo Cienfuegos community.

The Sol Cayo Coco hotel, where Mayelín works, was the ideal place for exchanges with the group of workers, who joyfully and optimistically received the two candidates for deputies in a festive atmosphere full of multiplied joy.

Mayelín and Arnaldo in their tour of the Morón territory have received spontaneous displays of affection, as a demonstration of the population’s sentiment for their future representatives before the Cuban parliament.

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