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Call to intensify sanitation actions in Ciego Ávila

Luis Alberto Pérez Olivares, director of Community Services in this province, called to intensify sanitation actions in areas of the City Park, Camilo Cienfuegos Square and other points in the avilanian capital.

The above emerged in a meeting with directors and heads of communal areas of the municipality, in which the debate focused on waste collection, cleaning areas and the elimination of micro landfills.

Pérez Olivares said that the linking of entities such as Azutecnia, and the materials producing company (Promat), with the incorporation of equipment, is one of the strategies that guarantees the solution of difficulties generated with the park and increases the collection capacity.

He emphasized that, despite the limitations with fuel, they have identified in each communal area the most affected areas by waste collection and they should direct their efforts toward those points.

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