En este momento estás viendo Call in Morón to change the pace and beat for the people without wasting a day

Call in Morón to change the pace and beat for the people without wasting a day

To change the pace and beat for the people without losing a day, was the call made in Morón, by the member of the Central Committee of the Party and First Secretary in this province, Liván Izquierdo Alonso, in a meeting with the main factors of the municipality of Morón to outline the objectives to be fulfilled during 2023.

At the opening of the meeting, which was also attended by Tomás Alexis Martín Venegas, Governor of the province, the results of the municipality during 2022 were summarized and several interventions were heard from the attendees on new projections in sectors such as the cooperative movement, agriculture, tourism and distribution.

Izquierdo Alonso insisted that Morón has incredible potential and is a decisive municipality in this province, therefore, he inquired about the actions to be undertaken to fulfill essential indicators, such as the income plan, mercantile circulation, and others.

He referred to the need to continue with the program undertaken to improve the conditions of the hospital, and appealed to the solidarity and voluntary contribution of other entities.

«We have lacked revolutionary combativeness», acknowledged the leader and called for the adoption of strategies to accelerate and fulfill the housing construction program, with the decisive contribution of all the organizations and entities of the territory.

In a moment of the combative meeting, he praised the education sector in the municipality for the excellent act carried out on the occasion of the Educator’s Day, with the opening of the first Children’s House in the province and he said that other sectors of the municipality should take this initiative.

Later on, Izquierdo Alonso stated that in order to fulfill this year’s objectives, it is necessary that the Party’s nuclei report every month to the main leaders of their entities because, he said, it is necessary to systematically check the fundamental indicators of the center and not to leave it for when it is beyond remedy.

Positive reflections were derived from the fruitful meeting, such as the case of creating conditions in the area of the Agricultural Fair, for a better organization in its operation, more vigilance and combativeness in the neighborhoods and for the collective intervention in the cleaning and sanitation of the city.

Also present were Nilka Mirelys Drake, maximum political leader in Morón and Celia María López Reyes, president of the Municipal Assembly. (Leonel Iparraguirre González)

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