En este momento estás viendo Boxing begins this Tuesday at the Playa Girón Tournament
Jorje Cuellar of Cienfuegos (blue) faces Raidel Rodriguez of Camaguey (red), in the 81 kilograms division, during the Seventh Edition of the National Boxing Series, at the Rafael Fortun Chacon Multipurpose Hall in the city of Camaguey, Cuba, on April 25, 2022. Fto Roberto Morejón (Jit newspaper of Inder)

Boxing begins this Tuesday at the Playa Girón Tournament

SOME names already registered in the list of medalists and well-deserved praise for the conditions created in the multipurpose Yayabo will mark the first bouts of the 60th Playa Girón National Boxing Tournament.

Provoked by the few contestants registered in their divisions, the «early» arrivals to bronze were made official from the draw, and involved eight men, including the two-time Olympic champion Julio Cesar La Cruz (CMG), wide favorite to reign in the 92 kilograms.

The others are Freddy Perez (SCU), also at that weight, Nelson Williams (CMG), Xavier Fernandez (GTM) and Edel Moya (SCU), at 86 kilograms, and Fernando Arzola (SCU), Adonis Iznaga (SSP) and Yoel Duvergel (ART), at over 92.

«The work done at the venue shows the high level of commitment with which it was assumed,» said the president of the Cuban Boxing Federation, Alberto Puig de la Barca, when assessing the conditioning of the stage that will receive exponents from all provinces and the special municipality Isla de la Juventud.

There will be 24 fights on this date, distributed in two sessions, without the presence of the main stars gathered in a city that hosts the event for the seventh time, now with the attraction of being the opening of an Olympic season.


52 kg: Jesús Álvarez (SCU) vs. Fabio González (HAB)

57 kg: Victor Aguila (VCL) vs. Leonel Lores (MAY)

57 kg: Roberto Mena (CAV) vs. Adrián Carrión (HAB)

60 kg: Yoendry de la Paz (MAY) vs. Alexis Aguilera (CFG)

63 kg: Yandi Calderon (PRI) vs. Erichel Cantero (LTU)

63 kg: Raidel Pedroso (ART) vs. Maikol Martínez (CFG)

69 kg: Yander Manrique (CAV) vs. Yeinier Rose (GRA)

69 kg: Norge Borrero (IJV) vs. Raikol Leonard (SCU)

75 kg: Gabriel Cabado (LTU) vs. Karel Simon (CMG)

75 kg: Daiván Hernández (PRI) vs. Fernando Cabrera (CFG)

75 kg: Elio Neyra (SSP) vs. Giberlandy Inerarity (MAY)


57 kg: Raisel Moncada (CMG) vs. Rolando Martinez (GTM)

57 kg: Diosbel Rubio (GTM) vs. Yosiel Despaigne (SCU)

57 kg: Osvaldo Diaz (SSP) vs. Lazaro Barrueto (MTZ)

60 kg: Yankiel Reina (CAV) vs. Darielqui Palmero (SSP)

60 kg: Ernesto Comas (CMG) vs. Fabián Magaña (PRI)

63 kg: Luis Vinent (SCU) vs. Arnaldo Vega (SSP)

63 kg: Rogerlandy Delís (CAV) vs. Randy Tamayo (GTM)

75 kg: Juan Ilizástigui (GTM) vs. Yusmel Ruiz (SCU)

81 kg: Leinier Sardiñas (IJV) vs. Enmanuel Chirino (PRI)

81 kg: Yaniel Moreno (HAB) vs. Osvaldo Ríos (VCL)

81 kg: Keylor García (CFG) vs. Michael Frías (CFG)

81 kg: Leonis Thomas (GTM) vs. Carlos Pérez (HOL)

81 kg: Maruán Roque (CMG) vs. Robert Planes (ART)

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