En este momento estás viendo Avilmat with no occupational accidents
Strengthening preventive actions to achieve a healthy and safe work environment is one of the objectives in the production units of the Construction Materials Company in Ciego de Ávila/Photo: José Luis Martínez

Avilmat with no occupational accidents

Since 2019, no occupational accidents have been reported at the Construction Maerial Company in Ciego de Ávila, one of the achievements for which it was selected to celebrate on the coming November 1, the national act of the beginning of the Day of Safety and Health at Work.

Néstor Rivera Rodríguez, director of human capital in this National Vanguard entity, informed that priority was given to the most dangerous jobs by delivering reinforced gloves for equipment operators in the factories, and bibs, gaiters, sleeves and gloves used by welders.

He said that the improvement of lighting has been significant with the installation of lamps in offices, production areas and outside the company, which Board of Directors has also promoted the tasks of painting and beautification of the premises because this helps to change the image and increases the motivation of the personnel to comply with the commitments from the work places.

The leader emphasized that they are currently in the process of negotiating rubber boots, capes, overalls and boots with caps, with a view to achieving more protection and a better execution of the budget for personal protection equipment, which amounts to 1 million 800 thousand pesos this year, while for 2023 they have planned more than 2 million pesos.

The avilanian company will be a worthy venue for the celebration aimed at increasing actions to achieve healthy and safe working environments, achieving a management without economic losses and reaching adequate levels of production and sales, in response to the country’s complex situation, mainly with electric energy and fuels.

Yudenys Hidalgo, member of the Provincial Bureau of the Construction Workers’ Union, pointed out that the collective has won multiple awards, among them the category of National Vanguard, and the certificates of Star Company and Safe Center in Safety and Health at Work, awarded by the Provincial Secretariat of the Cuban Workers’ Central.

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