En este momento estás viendo Avilanian Guamajales project present at western fair
Photos: Amador Rodríguez López

Avilanian Guamajales project present at western fair

The members of the Guamajales Agroindustrial Project are very pleased that their products will be present at the fair held this weekend by the avilanian province in western areas damaged by Hurricane Ian.

Bienvenido González Luis, coordinator of this project located in the town of Orlando González, in the municipality of Majagua, said that the products that made up the shipment, which amounted to one ton, are the complete seasoning, the seasoned cumin and the bijol seasoning.

The materialization of the commitment in this collective when it comes to complete a voluminous figure in record time, was not exempt of requiring additional schedules and the willingness to do so was unanimous here, argued Elena Gallardo Cervantes, secretary of the agricultural union in the territory.

The fact of having a small generator and the spirit of winning that always accompanies these 36 workers of the Guamajales mini-industry, with 50% of female force, makes this collective that produces dry seasonings from garlic, onion, chili and aromatic spices, remain as a local vanguard project.

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