En este momento estás viendo Avilanian electricians recognize outstanding workers (+photos)
Workers with more than 40 years in the sector received recognition. Photo Odania García Heredia

Avilanian electricians recognize outstanding workers (+photos)

With the imperative to achieve the continuity of the service and work in the fulfillment of important tasks aimed at promoting the development of the country’s economy, and the satisfaction of the duty fulfilled, workers of the electric sector in Ciego de Avila celebrated their day.

In the ceremony presided over by Vicente La O Levy, Minister of Energy and Mines and Vice Minister Juan Torres Naranjo, the director of the Company in the province Daniel Pérez García pointed out that among the projected works is the interconnection between the Coco and Romano keys in the Jardines del Rey tourist resort, with the only independent system that the country has on the mainland.

The executive added that work is continuing in order to achieve greater stability with the electrification program in agriculture, in order to favor development in this sector.

At the ceremony, the Basic Business Unit of the municipality of Florencia, the Integral Customer Service Center, the Provincial Cargo Dispatch and the Operations Center received recognition.

The event was the occasion for awarding the Ñico López distinction to 15 outstanding workers with more than 20 and 25 uninterrupted years in the sector.

Also honored were Ignacio Raúl Pérez Ortega and Vicente Gómez Quiñones, both drivers of the Morón Business Base Unit, and Minel Chinea Ferrer, substation operator also from hat territory.

In addition, the specialized electrical lineman Gregorio Solano Hipólito, from the Venezuela unit, and Emilio Mena Rodríguez, energized electrical lineman from Bolivia, workers with more than 40 years in the field, were also recognized.

For the results in the execution of works of social impact during the year 2022, the Support Units for different programs, maintenance of Generators, the Construction Company of the Electric Industry, the Generators and Electric Service, the Emergency Generators Group, the National Office for the Rational Use of Energy and, especially, the Electric Company of Ciego de Avila were honored.

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