Assembly of People’s Power in Majagua approves movement of leaders

Dr. Melba La O Cardoso Director of Health/Photo: Amador Rodríguez López

The replacement of Dr. Melba La O Cardoso, director of Health, who will occupy other responsibilities at the provincial level, is part of the movement of leaders approved by the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power in Majagua.

Also at the proposal of the Administration Council, the Governing Body in the avilanian southwest considered that Dr. Germán Pérez Sosa, due to the good results of the tasks previously undertaken, will be the person who will perform the functions of director, given the capacity, preparation and skills he possesses to carry out the position.

As for Dr. La O Cardoso, with 5 years as a leader of the aforementioned directorate, her work was evaluated as positive and her aptitude as an example in the political-ideological work, so it is predicted that due to her capacity, style and performance, she will be able to conquer new successes in the front that she will be assigned.

Likewise, the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power in Majagua, at the proposal of the Administration Council, approved Luis Orestes Ortiz Lugones, who worked as head of Hygiene in the Boyeros municipality in Havana, to occupy the position of director of Communal Services.

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