En este momento estás viendo Arlen Lopez triumphed for bronze in Giron Boxing Tournament

Arlen Lopez triumphed for bronze in Giron Boxing Tournament

ARLEN López (GTM) debuted with a bronze medal victory in the 60th Playa Girón National Boxing Tournament, hosted by this city.

Fitting the predictions, the double Olympic champion also needed a left jab to make easy the task of disposing of Enmanuel Chirino (PRI), sending him to the canvas in the first round.

Although the representative of the capital joined the fight with a willingness to continue, the referee considered it appropriate to decree the RSC and the star was secured among the 81 kg medalists, as a first step towards the conquest of his ninth home belt.

«Always important this event, for the possibility of bringing as many points as possible to the province and contribute to show the level of our sport», said who will return to the ring on Saturday to face Keylor García García (CFG) in the semifinals.

Lopez explained that after several days of individual work, on the occasion of the end of the year, he assumes the fair as a restart of the competitive preparation with an eye on the Olympic Games in Paris 2024, scenario in which he will try his third crown.

Once again supported by the fans, the afternoon session brought the number of bronze metals distributed to 19 and confirmed the drive of young developing athletes such as Adrián Pérez (SSP) and Jorge Forcades (CMG), who defeated Jairo Munive (HOL) and Raikol Leonard (SCU), respectively, in the 69 «kilos» weight class.

The former did it in a duel of abundant exchanges, from which he got the better part despite the international experience of his opponent. Forcades was at the height of the accumulated progression as a member of the elite concentrate.

This Thursday, the two-program scheme will be repeated and there will be highly anticipated duels in the 57 kg: the universal subtitle Saidel Horta (CFG) against the world cup champion Rolando Martinez (GTM), and the experienced Yosbany Veitía (SSP) against Osvaldo Diaz (SSP).

In the 63 kg category, three-time world champion Lázaro Álvarez (PRI) and the current runner-up Erislandy Álvarez (CFG) will make their debuts in separate sections of the organization chart, which will only allow them to cross blows in the Sunday closing.


48 kg (for bronze): Frank Cleger (SSP) 5-0 to Jimmy Clay (HAB)

48 kg (for bronze): Joel Oliva (SCU) P/N to Carlos de Armas (GTM)

69 kg: Yusnier Sorzano (CMG) 5-0 to Yander Manrique (CAV)

69 kg: Adrian Perez (SSP) 5-0 to Jairo Munive (HOL)

69 kg: Jorge Forcades (CMG) 4-1 to Raikol Leonard (SCU)

81 kg (for bronze): Arlen López (GTM) to RSC-1 Enmanuel Chirino (PRI)

81 kg (for bronze): Keylor García (CFG) 5-0 to Yaniel Moreno (HAB)

81 kg (for bronze): Leonis Thomas (GTM) 4-1 to José Dennis (GTM)

81 kg (for bronze): Jorge Soto (HOL) ABA-1 to Maruán Roque (CMG)

92 kg (for bronze): Ramón de la Torre (HOL) 5-0 to Yuniesqui Panadez (SSP)

92 kg (for bronze): Leunam Silveira (PRI) ABA-1 to Cristian Lopez (CMG)

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