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A summer with love for all

The months of July and August are chosen by the vast majority of Avilanians to enjoy their vacations. But the Cuban summer is not only a time of rest for the body and mind.

At this stage, the concept of entertainment is combined with other options that make it transcend and become a necessary definition for man as a rational being.

Ciego de Ávila has several recreational poles with a great tradition, among which the popular camping facilities stand out. Locals and residents of neighboring territories enjoy their offers.

While some people from Ciego de Ávila prefer the delights of a day at the beach, others accept options that, along with entertaining them, improve their culture and favor social relations.

In this central Cuban province, the variety of recreation initiatives is the result of a well-thought-out government strategy, which has a solid preparation, plus the interest of the workers who participate in it, whose main objective is to favor the necessary distraction of his countrymen.

During the months of July and August, the Avilanian people will enjoy courses and activities promoted by the Computer and Electronics Youth Club, cultural or sports activities programmed by the municipal departments of culture and sports, the beaches and agricultural fairs.

Of course, Ciego de Ávila is not the only territory that lives an intense and healthy summer with love. Throughout Cuba this idea is repeated with different proposals and characteristics, but all aimed at making us more humane, educated and happy.

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