En este momento estás viendo A 26 for children in Ciro Redondo

A 26 for children in Ciro Redondo

The celebration of Children’s Day last Sunday crowned with success the multiple actions that are carried out in the municipality of Ciro Redondo, venue of the provincial act for July 26, in Ciego de Ávila.

In the children’s playground of the town of Pina, the little ones enjoyed performances by members of the Esperanzarte project, the Atempo dance group, the Estrella Roja circus and other artists from the Carlos Puebla House of Culture, guests from the municipalities of Ciego de Ávila and Morón, as well as games by sports workers and gastronomic offerings.

The week that begins will continue the initiatives planned in the program for the summer season of cultural institutions, the IINDER and other forms of recreation such as centers that have swimming pools.

Along with recreation, construction work is carried out for the improvement of streets; painting of buildings, homes, workplaces and public spaces; the remodeling of social works, the sanitization of the communities and the economic tasks in the production of food and the repairs of the agro-industrial machinery with a view to the next harvest, among other priorities.

The successful celebration of Children’s Day motivates to continue work in Ciro Redondo, venue of the provincial act for July 26 in Ciego de Ávila. Photo: Ciro Redondo Culture.

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