En este momento estás viendo 4th International JURISCUBA 2024 Congress to be held in Cuba

4th International JURISCUBA 2024 Congress to be held in Cuba

The Ministry of Justice (Minjus) of Cuba calls today for legal professionals and researchers to participate in the IV International Congress JURISCUBA 2024, to be held from 15 to 17 October in Havana.

According to a Minjus publication on the social network Facebook, the event will be held under the theme «Legal security, a challenge of the contemporary world», in the capital’s Palacio de las Convenciones.

The main focus of the debate will be on registry law, legal advice and the creation of regulations, legal culture, notarial law and the computerisation of the sector and its services.

With regard to registry law, the work will focus on the principles of organisation, operation and efficiency of public registers, the right to identity and civil registration, as well as the experiences and challenges involved in the process of computerisation of these public registers.

In addition, participants will discuss the importance of the land registry in territorial and urban planning; the systems of real estate registry law in today’s world and the processes of registry integration.

In addition, they will discuss legislative activity and its impact on society, the control of compliance with regulations, the legal forms of intellectual property protection and their importance, and the links between legal advice and the economy.

During the debates, jurists and researchers will also discuss the apprehension of the gender and children’s perspective in legislative activity, school, family and the legal culture of society, and the legal education of children and adolescents, among other topics.

The legal professionals will address other current issues such as the limits of public order and the notary’s function; the notary’s preventive mission in stipulations on one’s own incapacity: self-guardianship, self-guardianship and the international convention on the rights of persons with disabilities and the challenges for the Latin notary’s office.

The event is sponsored by the National Union of Jurists of Cuba, the Society of Cuban Notaries, the Faculty of Law of the University of Havana, Grupo Societario Servicios Legales S.A., the National Organisation of Collective Law Firms and the United Nations Children’s Fund.

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