En este momento estás viendo Young avilanian people begin FEU Congress at faculty level

Young avilanian people begin FEU Congress at faculty level

The members of the Faculty of Social and Humanistic Sciences of the Manuel Ascunce Domenech University in Ciego de Ávila, begin this October 4 the 10th Congress of the University Student Federation (FEU).

Kevin Marcos Delgado Álvarez, president of the FEU in that faculty, informed that the agenda includes among other activities the elections and the inauguration of the specialized classroom of Law.

At the meeting, the young people will analyze the work done in the last four years, as well as the proposals that came out of the meetings in the brigades and the strategies and objectives for the next stage will be projected.

With the commitment to strengthen the University Student Federation so that every day it becomes more like its time, the members of that organization in the Faculty of Law at the Manuel Ascunce Domenech university headquarters in Ciego de Ávila begin today their 10th Congress which will conclude on October 6.

On December 20 of this year, the student organization will celebrate 100 years since it was founded by Julio Antonio Mella, under the premise of promoting the collective and conscious participation of its members.

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