En este momento estás viendo Venezuela: CNE begins audits for presidential elections

Venezuela: CNE begins audits for presidential elections

The Venezuelan National Electoral Council (CNE) starts today the audit program with the revision of the software of the voting machines.

The program begins this Monday and will be extended until August 5, informed Carlos Quintero, vice-president of the CNE, and detailed that this first phase will conclude next Friday.

Then, from May 6 to 8, the control of the electoral registry will be carried out, and will continue on June 21 with the audit of the voting machine configuration file.

In that same month, from June 25 to 27, they will carry out the verification of the electoral data ADES phase one, and then they will continue with the voting notebook, from June 30 to July 2, which according to Quintero will take place at the CNE warehouse in Guarenas, in the state of Miranda.

Also in the seventh month of the year, controls to the production of voting machines will be carried out, from June 5 to July 18 at the warehouse in Meriches, Miranda state.

Other audits are related to the totalization software, from July 9 to 12, and three days later the audit of the electoral technological infrastructure will begin, which will conclude on July 17.

On July 21, the pre-dispatch control will take place at the Meriches warehouse; on July 26, that of the zero setting of the national totalization centers and the phase one telecommunications audit will take place on July 27 at Cantv and Movilnet companies.

As announced in the electoral chronogram, the presidential elections will be held on August 28, the 31st since the arrival of the Revolution, and one day later, the phase two telecommunications audit will conclude.

On August 2, in the Meriches warehouse, the phase two citizen verification audit will be carried out, and the process concludes with the phase two ADES electoral data control, to be held from August 5 to 8.

National authorities and international experts consider this evaluation and control process as a strength of the Venezuelan electoral system, recognized among the best in Latin America and the world.

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