En este momento estás viendo Vacation plan successfully concludes in pioneering provincial facility (+ photos)
Photos: Amador Rodríguez López

Vacation plan successfully concludes in pioneering provincial facility (+ photos)

The development of the vacation plan that concluded in the last few hours at the Provincial Camp of Pioneers Explorers Roberto Rodríguez Fernández, located in the municipality of Majagua, was described as the best in the last 10 years.

Daimara Rodríguez Salabarría, director of the aforementioned facility, specified that among the factors that made the result possible was the good discipline of the participants, the number and quality of the options offered, as well as the attention provided by all the entities responsible for the feeding aspect.

From July 18 to August 26, said center welcomed more than 940 participants including pioneers, guides and management leaders from the entire province of Ciego de Ávila, except Florencia, while others such as Chambas, Venezuela, Bolivia and Morón did so on more than three occasions.

Regarding cultural and recreational activities, the spaces promoted by the sports department, the presentation of National and Provincial tours such as Los Ángeles del Futuro, the Hermanos Saiz Brigade, Colmenita Avileña, bathing in the river and visits to sites of historical interest.

Rodríguez Salabarría had phrases of praise for all the factors that made possible the successful development of the vacation plan corresponding to the Summer with Love summer stage, including the 23 women and men who make up the center workforce.

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