En este momento estás viendo Tigers rest alone in the fourth place of the SNB
Rubén Valdés continues with the hot bat in the SNB/Photo: Taken from the Internet

Tigers rest alone in the fourth place of the SNB

The Tigres avileños remained alone in fourth place in the standings, after achieving their second success (8×6) at the expense of the Piratas de la Isla, in a match that lasted until the tenth chapter to define the winner.

Danny Miranda’s team was trailing by the minimum with one run left, but they made two in the ninth chapter to go ahead (5×4), but the Pirates did not give up and equalized the actions at the end of that same episode.

The game required the application of the Schiller rule, where the felines took the biggest advantage, with a three-run run, while the islanders could only hit the rubber in one opportunity.

Rubén Valdés, who went 6-3 with three runs scored and one run batted in, was the offensive standout for the three-time national champions, while the win went to reliever Yunier Batista (2-4).

Now the Tigres avileños have a record of 29 wins and 21 losses, which places them fourth, behind Pinar del Río (33-17), Granma (30-20) and Las Tunas (27-18).

Tomorrow, Saturday, the ninth team from the Land of the Pineapple will go in search of its third success against the Pirates to secure the particular confrontation.



Pinar del Río 33 17 –

Granma 30 20 3.0

Las Tunas 27 18 3.5

Avila 29 21 4.0
Camagüey 28 22 5.0

Industriales 28 22 5.0

Artemisa 27 23 6.0

Matanzas 27 23 6.0

S. de Cuba 26 24 7.0

V. Clara 24 26 26 9.0

Mayabeque 22 28 11.0

Guantanamo 22 28 11.0

S. Spíritus 21 29 12.0

La Isla 16 29 29 14.5

Holguin 18 32 15.0

Cienfuegos 17 33 16.0

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