En este momento estás viendo The Summer Cultural Guerrilla in Morón is being organized

The Summer Cultural Guerrilla in Morón is being organized

With the students’ holiday period just around the corner, the municipality of Morón is already working on the organisation of the so-called Guerrilla Cultural de Verano, which will fill neighbourhoods and communities of the territory with joy during the months of July and August.

This artistic and cultural embassy is made up of members of the José Martí Brigade of Art Instructors, who are preparing a variety of shows in close collaboration with the Municipal Sports Department.

Music, theatre, participation games, plastic arts, and other attractions are being coordinated at this time to invade different parts of the municipality, as in previous summer seasons.

Elizabeth Figueredo Orasma, Methodologist of Artistic Education in the General Directorate of Education in Morón, informed that the Art Instructors have agreed to join this summer project with the most varied initiatives (Leonel Iparraguirre González).

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