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Photo: Taken from EAACAV Facebook profile.

The necessary

Despite all the shortages that the country is going through at the moment, there are always people who add up and, more than a cliché, this is a fact that I was able to witness a few hours ago during the repair of the breakdown in the 800 millimetre pipe, which affected the water supply to more than 80 per cent of the population in the capital city.

For more than 48 uninterrupted hours in this task, the work of these modest men of the water and sewage brigades, of the Mipyme de Reparaciones Hidráulicas «Bécquer», the Contingente Cuito Cuanavales, and the workers of the accessories production line of the company CiegoPlast, who were given the task of building the damaged part, proved to be titanic.

People made for the urgent moments, for the moments when the people need them; with a great deal of personal dedication to collective growth, facing every challenge.

These are the people who above all things love Cuba, those who give themselves body and soul to the service for the good of all, making the most of the most formidable and powerful force of the Revolution, Unity.

They can be called Carlos, Manuel, Juan, Chicho, Nestor, because these men are in the group of those who are necessary, those who think as a country.

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